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to arrive in montana for a town hall event, ready to challenge what he calls myths about his health care reform effort. white house officials tell me prospects are changing right now, but not in the way you think. i'll talk with white house health care czar about that, about president obama's deal with companies and the strategy after the august recess. >>> have the town hall gathering forced them to back away from the death panels? are republicans like sarah palin winning or losing? and does the president still have the communications mojo to make this work. i'll talk with paul krugman. >>> good day. i'm john harwood of cnbc and "the new york times." this is "the new york times special edition." on the front page this hour, president obama expected to arrive any moment in montana. at the end of this hour, he'll be holding his second town hall meeting on health care this week. you can see it here on msnbc. he'll hold another one tomorrow in colorado. he's trying once again to sell his plan to the people concerned about big government and price tags. no better place for that than big sky
know, growing up here in montana, wlerned values like hard work and common sense, also the difference between right and wrong. and it's just plain wrong for insurance companies to devalue coverage when you get sick and need it the most. and it's just plain wrong for insurance companies to deny people of care because of preexisting conditions. and that's why we're working so hard to craft a common sense plan that is right for our state and right for america. here in montana, we also know the value of an honest word. and let me tell you, there's plenty of dishonesty out there about what health care reform will or will not do. now, you've all seen the tv show, "myth busters," right? well, i've been going around the state busting myths about health care. whether it's bogus information about rationing care, cutting benefits for seniors or -- doctor and patient relationship, these outrageous myths are being questioned -- >> it appears that we're returning into technical problems at this town hall meeting in montana. it's gallatin field airport hangar. david schuster is still with me, but in
with a cowboy hat, absolutely. you've got a little plaque on there. >> montana ambassadors. we're business advisory group appointed by the governor. we've served three republican and two democratic governors and i'd like to welcome you on behalf of the montana ambassadors. >> thank you so much. you make a great ambassador. >> thank you. my question, and i'm glad you called on me, it has to do with the cobra question because i'm in the building materials business. i own a lumberyard in a beautiful little town of 1,000 people about 40 miles southwest of here, innes, and i was -- when the economy took a nose dive, i was forced to take my workforce from 11 people to 6, and i'm one of, like most employers in america, i want to provide. i think it's my responsibility to provide health insurance. you like to take care of our peeps, so to speak. >> [ inaudible ]. >> so i went searching for replacement coverage for employees that went off only to find out that cobra doesn't apply to me because i have less than 20 employees and that conservatively affects 80% of all workers in montana. so they were
with montana democrats. and now the denver post one of the largest papers in the mountain region is calling for a public option, saying it's the only way to bring about real reform. it it's the best way to slow escalating health care costs and expand access to quality care. the country ultimately will lose if the public option vanishes because of the democratic's best effort to reform health care. what's going on with max baucus. >> i think we'll feel the impact of that editorial, we have got a lot of congressional elections here that are going to be contested. congressman john salazar is up for a tough election. becky mary up for a tough election and i think you'll see the republican editorial peace sup for debate. they have said that they conc t conceptually support a public option. but you never know what's going to happen in the negotiation. in relation to max baucus, a new poll came out showing that the democrats in montana, quite a small state are extremely unhappy with baucus on the issue of health care and baucus who said he strongly supports a public option, but has subsequently -
for break they are about to take stock of where the priorities stand. jon tester of montana joins us. good to see you. >> good to be on and congratulations on the show, carlos. i'm a big fan. >> thank you very much. very much appreciated. i understand for all of the focus on health care that you've actually been focused on a very different issue related to general motors, the large car company. you want to share a little bit what seems to be a pretty strong piece of frustration on your part? >> absolutely, carlos. what has gone on is gm who took $50 billion of bailout money has decided to go to a bankruptcy court and cancel a contract with the stillwater mine that provides them with the material that goes into catalytic converters which makes the cars burn cleaner so the air is cleaner that comes out of the exhaust. >> to be clear, that's a mine in montana? >> that's a mine in montana. the only specific mine in the united states. they said we're getting the palladium from russia or south america. when they came to the banking committee, gm i'm talking about, a year and a half ago, they sai
? what's going on? >> hey, this is montana, big sky country. beautiful resort here that the president is staying at. and they've got all sorts -- a very family-friendly resort here, lots of places for kids to enjoy. it's actually where i -- >> that's not where you're staying. >> no, but that's where -- well, you're right, but that's where i stayed last night, slept in a teepee. >> i did not, discuss really? you're just pulling my leg. but there are places where you can. that's kind of rustic of you, chuck. >> i'm sure they are, but not here. it's hard to imagine a place with the "resort" in its name -- >> nick is saying you are so done with this. bye, chuck todd. >> reporter: bye, see you tomorrow. >>> you can watch the town hall live at 6:15 p.m. eastern. >>> the first named storm of the 2009 atlantic hurricane season is taking shape at this hour. bill karins is tracking ana for us and more. what's the latest? >> as expected we now have two systems. we have ana and now tropical depression number three. i'm more concerned with tropical depression number three an i am with ana. there's
in montana and another one tomorrow in colorado. >>> in washington, it's damage control. the white house downplays reports it made an $80 billion back room deal with drugmakers. >>> spilling secrets. why is the man known for keeping secrets now penning his own tell-all? is cheney trying to score or settle with his former boz president bush? >>> good morning, everyone. i'm carlos watson. terrific hour coming to you. republicans strategist kevin madden and sarah taylor and laura tyson and plus we talk to the filmmakers behind hbo new documentary "the fixer." and savannah guthrie at the white house and prime time ed shultz is joining us in the studio. here are the top headlines. nbc news obtained dramatic video of the air collision over the hudson river. it's incredibly disturbing to watch. a warning to people. it captured the moment where a plane and helicopter collided and killed all nine board. >>> a final farewell to eunice shriver kennedy. friends and family are gathered today in massachusetts to say good-bye to the 88-year-old humanitarian who is most notably associated with the found
hampshire or the one yesterday in montana. i think they would like to see a little more pushback from critics and people who are concerned that we are seeing at town hall meetings. it allows the president to explain better to someone who is skeptical about what health care reform would mean for them. >> let's check out one of the more heated moments in yesterday's town hall and the president's reaction. take a look. >> we keep getting the bum. that's all we get, is bull. you can't tell us how you are going to pay for this. the only way you are going to get that money is to raise our taxes. that's the only way you can do that. >> i'm happy to answer the question. >> thank you. >> you are absolutely right, that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> how to grade the president on his town hall so far, the way he has handled the tougher questions? >> i think he has done exceptionally well. he has talked about health care for the past, i think you could say, probably six weeks or so, almost nonstop every day. here was a tough question from squun w someone who is skeptical tha
remarks. thanks very much. >> thanks a lot, alex. >>> the first family made time in montana for some whitewater rafting. today they are touring national parks in yellowstone, wyoming and grand junction, colorado. in addition to the president's town hall at precisely 6:15 p.m. eastern time. chuck todd is traveling with the president and he will join us with a live report in just a little bit. >>> seven people are dead, 91 injured after a suicide car bombing at nato's military headquarters in afghanistan. it happened in the capital city of kabul in a heavily guarded neighborhood. it comes five days before the presidential election. thetal l taliban has claimed responsibility. the blast was the first major attack since february. >> and do look at this video from china. the flooding is as you can see literally watching the homes away. not only causing landslides, but they destroyed roads and burst the river banks. according to cctv, china's state owned news channel, up to 11 are dead, two people are injured. >>> well, police in georgia confirm that a missing woman's cell phone has been f
or probably already have gotten a phone call saying you have a ticket, come pick it up. with the montana one yesterday, they did that one a little bit differently, they handed tickets out for about a two hour window and it was first come first serve and individuals could get up to two tickets, meaning you don't know who the second ticket was going to go to. >> kind of fun to wake occupy a saturday morning and go what are you doing today? i don't know. i'm going go hear the president. it is kind of cool. although do you it every day. >> reporter: one quick thing on that front. you see criticisms saying he's only got supporters. guess what? his supporters will be more motivated to wait in line and stay up late to make sure they get a ticket probably who are so than opponents. >> and you have point. chuck todd, thank you so much. >>> you can watch the president's town hall live at 6:15 p.m. eastern. we'll have it right here on msnbc saturday. mean time, developing now, a large explosion in kabul near the nato headquarters. that blast was caused by a suicide car bomb. the explosion has killed se
'm joined live from big sky, montana, chuck todd. good morning again, chuck. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> let's talk about the president's response. what was it and did it satisfy the crowd? >> well, i think the crowd was satisfied with the answer. what the president did was, he answered specifically on this issue of paying for health care. you know, this is something that's frustrated the white house a bit. that is, from the very beginning, the president said whatever they do with health care, it is not going to add to the deficit. the problem is, you know, the general public is still seeing what government is doing in general, in seeing a big deficit, in seeing a lot of money spent. while it is true that everything they're doing, every plan they've come up will be deficit-neutral when it comes to this thing, it's just not -- that part of it is penetrating the public psyche enough, or what, because that has been something that, when you listen to these protesters and listen to the folks that have come to these town has and been upset, really the core of the upset, of why they're upse
us about those plans. >> he's got a couple of town halls. one in colorado, one in montana. this is a three or four-day swing out west. montana, colorado and arizona and do some sightseeing with the fo whole family. >> thanks so much. >>> coming up, he was convicted in connection with the 1988 lockerbie bombing and now, he might be set free because he's sick. but how sick is he and does it matter? >>> plus, it was only a few months that anything obama sold like hot cakes. now, there's an up tick in antiobama gear. >>> and you've seen the ads. sell your gold for cash now. but should you? you're watching "it's the economy" on msnbc. i was in the grocery store when i had a heart attack. my daughter was with me. i took a bayer aspirin out of my purse and chewed it. my doctor said the bayer aspirin saved my life. please talk to your doctor about aspirin and your heart. i'm going to be grandma for a long time. have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom, we'll help you incorporate your busines file a patent, make a will and more. yo
, for the administration, it is the first of three events out in montana and colorado later this week, and it's a process that they're trying to again somewhat uphill battle because again they wanted this done by now. they didn't want to have this battle going on in august, but it's still in full swing. david? >> drums on the outside of the town hall. nbc's ron allen. ron, thanks for the report. >>> and by the way, that protester with a gun that we mentioned, his name is william costrick. he will be a guest on "hardball" tonight with chris matthews. it's coming up one hour from now. -n >>> how is the insurance industry responding to attacks from the democrats. today is not the first day the presidents a accused the industry. he once accused insurers of abuses and record profits. nancy pelosi called them, quote, villains. a democratic organization is accusing the insurance industry of, quote, stirring up fear with false rumors. the head of a group that represents insurance companies says democratic lawmakers are not helping their case by vilifying the insurance industry. they say members of congress will
hall meeting. maybe they'll get it in montana, maybe they'll get it in colorado, but i do think they're trying to see if they can just put a period on this whole town hall mess that's going on with members of congress. >> chuck, as we move forward, i want to bring in angela bert-murray who has a question for, my guest co-host. >> town halls have been the president's strength and go to place when ents to get his message out to the people directly but what we're seeing is a lot of debate. how ready is the administration as he heads to montana? how ready is he to face people that aren't his typical fans? people that really are going to disrupt the process? can they handle that? >> well, i think two weeks ago, i would have said no. i think they were caught flat-footed, that the fight over health care had become, to borrow a phrase, i think chris matthews said it first, part of the culture wars. when something gets into the culture war aspect, i'm talking about god, gays and abortion those inflaming passions in the '90s and maybe in the early part of the 21st century, i think that isn't w
and montana but he seems to be losing the message war. is it time to effectively retreat on the public option question and get through some kind of health care reform that perhaps does include a public option? >> absolutely, absolutely. not. as a matter of fact, the insurance companies got a head start and a jump with us. they went up with their ads. they did a great job of convincing many people that somehow the government was going to take over and was going to be too expensive, it was not the thing to do, and so they got a jump. they got a head start but now we begin to fight back and you will see those polls change because people don't know absolutely what a government option is, what that means. we've got to define it. we've got to keep talking about it. we've got to help the american people to understand that the insurance companies have basically taken advantage of the american people. we have 47 million people without insurance. but more than that, the cost of the premiums have increased tremendously over the past several years. more profits for the insurance companies. the top ten ce
, didn't quite come up in the montana one. i think he's going to create problems with people who work in the postal service who are worried they're going to have to do a whole bunch of lay-offs and are going to be shutting down a bunch of mini offices. the point is well taken. >> i heard some horrific number in terms of what they're in the hole. in the billions of dollars. >> reporter: absolutely. >> chuck, we'll talk to you again. it's early where you are, like 5:17 in the morning. >> you know, arizona has this weird decision where half the year on pacific time, half the time on -- >> just go get coffee. wherever you are. i'll talk to you next hour. >> fair enough. >>> almost a dozen wildfires continue to rage across california. the most troublesome of those fires is in santa cruz county south of san francisco. the fire there already charring more than ten square miles. michael okwu is live in swanton. you're with us all morning yesterday with talk about the fires. i understand that the firefighters did make some progress in the last 24 hours or so. >> reporter: well, there's definit
hampshire, colorado, and montana just to bring these kind of opposition forward. all the passion that on the other side. so obama wanted to match that head-to-head. the problem with obama is he gives these sort of sober assessments. he has a hard time matching the passion of the other side. i think that's why over the weekend we heard him start to talk about his grandmother a little bit, something he hasn't wanted to get into so far, but it is an emotional point. it is very resonant. that's why they're doing that, bring up the passion level. >> what about the health care town hall in colorado. the third one in a week for this president. this morning the president again reinforcing his message. he wrote a loengthy op-ed in th "new york times." if you don't get a chance to get to a town hall meeting, it does make a very strong case for the white house's perspective. get ahold of it, everyone. that said, has the president accomplished what he set out to do this week? >> no, absolutely not, alex. they're on the defensive. they're struggling. they wasted so much time answering this de
to montana on friday to hold another town hall. the president will be greeted by protestors, perhaps as many as 500 people are expected at a rally outside of the airport where the president will be holding his town hall. chuck todd is chief white house correspondent on top of the white house strategy and all this. what is the view of the white house? do they feel like they're somehow being able to get their message out or fear they're being drowned out by all the chaos? >> the answer to both questions is yes. that is why you saw the president yesterday at this town hall spend as much time saying what the plan wasn't going to do and what was not in the plan as he did pushing the plan. so, i think they realized they're on two tracks. the actual debate about health care policy is not taking place at town halls. this debate is taking place still in the gang of six with max baucus, bradley, those guys in the senate with congressional democratic leaders. but that isn't what the public is see. now there's a public debate which has morphed into a part of a cult, a red versus blue culture wars. i fee
obama will be holding two town halls this weekend, one tomorrow in montana and another in colorado saturday. but there's still a few more weeks until congress is back from recess, and there's a lot more time to debate and a lot more opportunities for people to be misinformed. joan walsh is the editor in chief for i want to start with senator grassley. he's come out in regards to the comments he made the bipartisan group drop the end of life provision from the proposal even though he brought it up yesterday, he said that people have every right to fear. when you hear signs like david just mentioned, isn't it a great responsibility to make sure you are always stating the facts, especially when you're an elected official? >> yeah, i would agree with you, tamron. and i know grassley is a conservative, but i don't really consider him part of the bomb-throwing fringe, like sarah palin. >> which is part of the shocking nature of this angle of the story. >> right. he knows better. he knows what's in every bill, and he know that is end of life counseling provision does not have a
care and health reform joining from us montana. senator, the dream that would never die included passing health reform. what is the likelihood of having that happen? you've been involved in all the key negotiations. >> ironically, i think the spirit and passion of ted's will be even stronger now. his passing is unfortunate but i think that's the case. i've never known a more effective legislator. i think ted kennedy is the great aent most effective legislator in modern american times. he was so passionate and worked so hard, a gifted speaker but then he would sit down and work out an agreement and compromise. and realize, okay. there was two sides of this. let's figure out how to get this passed. and the personal touch. we all know personal stories of ted and a very small one in my case, i was home one night and my mother was there and ted and my mother got the into this long, wonderful conversation and pretty soon became good pen pals. ted would write thank you notes to people. in this internet age nobody writes thank you notes but ted did. it was amazing how many people he did
she wants to do. she wants to booed en her fan base, get past this disneyesque, hannah montana image. does this bring in more scrutiny from her? how prohibitive can that be? >> i think it's realistic of her to push things. i think last year she pushed things too far with that "vanity fair" photo shoot. within hours of that pole dance, her new song was number one at itunes, has already exceeded the sales of her last hit "the climb." >> we have seen child stars go wild in the past. is she on a different path than they were? who comes to mind? lindsay lohan. even britney to a degree. it was a rough road for a while. >> brid any rebounded. lindsey has not. it's questionable whether lindsey ever will. as miley takes that dangerous path, it may be a one-way trip. >> what do you think about her family? he dad and mom seem to be so over her. when she reaches a certain age, what can they do? >> only a year and a half left in terms of reigning her in. i think obviously they're show business savvy having been there themselves. i think that helps in this case. there's a wonderful bond between th
to montana and yellowstone, but that's okay. a lot of us get confused. yellowstone is a pretty big national park. but he got to see old faithful, went fly fishing. we hear he didn't catch any fish. press secretary robert gibbs appare apparently caught a fish that he's apparently sporting on his blackberry. chuck, you've been working really hard. are you going to get to the dodgers/diamondbacks game? >> i'd sure like to figure it out. maybe our friends who are watching who are our bosses there, maybe they can -- give me a little time off. >> he'll be a much happier guy, guaranteed. >> dodgers have to win this game. they need to win this game. they've lost two in this series. >> right. tommy lasorda's getting inducted into the brooklyn hall of fame today. i might pop on out there and give him a big old hug and say good for you. >> hope you get there. thank you very much for the work this weekend, chuck todd. >>> to california now and today almost a dozen different wildfires continue to burn across that state. thousands of firefighters out in force on the front lines trying to keep the flames
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22